If you are new to Alabama or unfamiliar with the Lake Martin area, you may mistakenly believe that modern conveniences and amenities are not available in a secluded, rural lake setting. Fortunately, that is not the case. Whether you are building a home or buying one, you will find the services that you need in the information below.

•Basic electric service is available from Alabama Power (800-245-2244 ) or from Alexander City Light & Power (256-409-2080) for some properties near Alexander City.

•Natural gas is typically unavailable for both HVAC equipment and for hot water heaters, stoves, ovens, and fireplaces. However, propane gas is a clean and safe alternative. It is available from Area Propane (256-825-4700) and Suburban Gas (256-825-4338). A tank must be purchased from the provider.

•Water is available based on property location from Alexander City (256-329-6710), Jackson’s Gap Water Authority (256-825-8385) or Walnut Hill Water Authority (256-825-9841).

•Garbage service is available from Advance Disposal (866-252-0458).

•AT&T (800-288-2020) is currently the only provider of landline telephone service. Cell service is well supported via satellite towers and reception is good.

•Both AT&T (800-288-2020) and Charter Communications (877-581-3485) offer Internet service.

Alexander City is home to the T. C. Russell Airport (256-329-9057). The airport 18/36 runway is 5,417 feet long and 95 feet wide. Runway 36 is served by a partial parallel taxiway. The airport is equipped with MIRL, MITL, PAPI, VASI and an AWOS. There are 18 t-hangers and 2 corporate hangers available for lease on an annual basis. On-site personnel is available to provide routine maintenance, annual inspections, tie-down ramp service and assistance to crew members. Specific questions can be sent to Mike Smith

Information about other professional services can be found at Lake Martin Services offers a variety of boat, home, lawn, catering, and property management services including concierge housekeeping and grocery shopping options.

Be aware that before any dock or pier construction or repair work begins a shoreline building permit is required by Alabama Power Company (256-825-0053). This requirement applies to the construction of new docks and piers as well as additions to existing structures. In situations where a building lies within 15 to 30 feet of the shoreline, a shoreline building permit may also be required. Check with Alabama Power prior to construction or repair. Additional details are available at Alabama Power Shoreline Management.

‘Let Your Family Memories Be Made On Lake Martin’